Life as a Supernatural fan is not an easy one. Like with anything we enjoy we worry will it end? Will Jared and Jensen decide its enough and everyone on the show go looking for a new job leaving all of the fans lacking. I predict the show - when it does end - will … Continue reading #SPNNASH

Blog Posting and Friday Night Farting

Imagine you are out to dinner on a first date. It's Friday night and the first of the month so everyone is out. You smile and wave to people you think you know, but you don't. Then you go through the motions of finding out information about your date as time passes. You eat chili … Continue reading Blog Posting and Friday Night Farting

I’m a weirdo

When I was in the sixth grade I got my braces off. Not because my teeth were straight. Not because my overbite was gone. Not because I didn't need them. They were removed by me with a pair of pliers because my parents were fed up with the bands popping, and the wires coming undone … Continue reading I’m a weirdo

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