My life as a Supernatural fan

When I tell people that I love Supernatural the response is always the same – Me too.

When I wear something that shows I love Supernatural the response is always the same – I love that.

When I take the boys out on my back pack or let them go see the world with us the response is always the same – Aren’t you a little old for those.

My response is also always the same:

Sitting in the Emergency Room with my angel in tow.

You either fit into one of two categories at this point in reading.

You love them or you don’t.

Me, well since you want to know I think I have more fun with the boys than they get to have on set. I find any excuse to make them sing, dance, talk, crack jokes, or even ghost bust Casper’s cousins.

Cas – we found your way home.

I can admit that I am not a long term fan. When the show started I was freshly married to the Army for the second time. I was in a town about an hour from Austin ( Hi Jared & Jensen) it was technically Fort Hood, but in reality it was more Copperas Cove than Killeen. If you have been through there you know what I mean. All those years ago I was watching Bob the builder and Mickey Mouse’s playhouse with two little ones as we traveled from Texas to Tennessee every weekend because my husband was stationed in Texas while my dad was dying from cancer in Tennessee.

So, no I can’t say I was there from the beginning, although I wish I had of been. I raised my kids on lollipops and rainbow dreams until they were old enough to know sugar is evil, and rainbows are most often found after a storm. When my son was too old to come out of his room to hang out with his mom, and tried to spend every second of the day on YouTube. That was when I found Supernatural, because my daughter brought it to me.

My daughter had been watching on Netflix and had become obsessed. She told me about it a hundred times, but deadlines to get books to my editor didn’t allow much time for television. After I released my fifth book she didn’t give me a choice. One weekend we binge watched the show. Then that weekend turned into a week, and then two weeks, and so on. We must have watched it beginning to end at least five times. I even got my boys and put them on my bag that housed my laptop so wherever I went to write they were with me.

Dean, don’t touch the taser!!!

After we became like most fans and had memorized every detail we would debate the show. Like Episode 11 from Season 9 “The Mark of Cain” when Cain gives Dean the mark we all know Dean wears the mark that later turns into a curse. Cain’s mark disappears from his arm, but when Timothy Omundson who played Cain got ready to fight you see in the edge of the sleeve that the mark is still there. This led to a debate of if he shared the mark or if he was scarred… the debates were endless. In the end, we chalked it up to a wardrobe error.

The show would bring in such debates that even my son would come out of his room and want to be involved. He came out of his shell, started eating dinner with us, and finally had something to talk about when we included Supernatural to our day. We even took them out around town and tried to find things we could tie into the show.

Bobby’s House
Dean finally got his pie!
Sam and I went to court where he tried to defend Dean from the alleged actions of stealing a pie.

We must have gone to a hundred places, and seen a hundred things just in a single weekend. When the warnings came that severe weather was moving in, but the sun was still shining we parked near a KFC and waited it out. At times it got a little weird, but we were never bored. With Supernatural seasons one thru four in the car and the boys we would have been fine as long as we got snacks and potty breaks.

We wanted to go to the Supernatural Convention in Nashville when it came to town, but you know that saying that “Man plans, and God laughs” well that happens, but it is usually  because of my husband’s job or my book signings. However, this year (2018) we were set to go. I was ready to surprise my kids until I saw the ticket cost. To do everything they wanted it would be a little over $500 per person.

I was prepared to eat ramen every night to save up the money, and as soon as I got close guess who sold out of tickets (yup!). The next step was $970 a person (Holy Shit!) It was going to cost me nearly three thousand dollars to surprise the kids. Just a FYI authors don’t make very much money unless you are some huge best seller. In fact, most indie authors like me never break even. My husband is not a wealthy man by any means either, but we have enough for a home, heat, and food – its enough for us until we want to do things like the Supernatural Convention.

My baby girl and her Castiel.

With reality setting in that not only could I not come up with that kind of money, but since we would wind up at the hotel anyway (I used non-transferrable points to reserve it when we were saving up money). I decided we will merely just binge out in our hotel room and come out and meet like minded people. It was the best I could do in the situation, and I am sure my kids will find a way to make it fun.

After all true fans, are the ones that are there no matter what – even if we don’t have tickets, right?

Until the time comes that we get to go and have a blast we will binge watch the show, read all the memes, and take the guys out to have a blast alongside us. Wonder where we might take them next?

Tell me, what do you do to stay entertained? Where should we take them next? Here are some of our past adventures…

At the Quarry.
Getting ready to make kids smile at the Children’s Hospital.
Sleeping in the glove box.

At the end of the day when you see me with the boys the response should never be “Am I too old for them?” The response should be “Where can I get some?”

From both of us – Sending a little Supernatural love your way.


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