Author Recommendations

From one reader to another we commonly tell others about books we read that we love. I, however, want to recommend authors who are down to earth, great at their craft, and someone who I would recommend you reading without identifying which book to read. Give any of their books a chance – what have you got to lose?
 *Disclosure: I do not take requests for recommendations, nor do I review just for a recommendation. I also do not list authors just because some people I consider friends. I leave it fair to everyone.

January’s pick:

Melanie Harlow – I carried a book of hers around in my backpack. I always have one on hand, but when I went to the ER and my laptop died I decided to read her work. I have to say she has a way with her stories that makes it seem like they just flow so easily from her when as an author I know that is mostly never true. There are rough drafts, first drafts, edits, betas, publishers, and more. We don’t have rainbows of words coming from our finger tips, but Melanie would make you believe she could. Before you think this recommendation is because we are best friends… we don’t know each other except a passing phrase here or there.
Check her out at her website here 

February’s pick:


Meghan Quinn – I had spoken to Meghan once, asking about a teaser or cover that had caught my eye. I bought the book from that exchange and a year later I actually found time to read it in between releases. You are probably thinking, that picking her is because we have some fated relationship where we are besties, but no… she barely knows I exist. The reason for the recommend is because that one book one night turned into four books in two days. I gobbled up her characters sense of humor. As an author, I am always leery against those who let me see what’s coming or are too predictable… I can’t tell you if hers were or not because I was too busy laughing. She is the must read or must know for February.
Check out Meghan here.

March’s & April’s pick:

29497091_10160403616880724_5239921767112811336_nThese two months I combined for a writing duo. They seem to write just fine on their own, but they have a knack for pulling off books one right after another with each other. I am naming March Penelope Ward month, and April Vi Keeland month. You can find them both by clicking their names. I haven’t read all of their books, but there just seems to be something about this duo that draws readers in and says come along on my adventure.

Take a chance. I did and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

May’s Pick: 

Announcing in April!

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