Dear Snow White,

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage. It honors me to know that even though I have been off line dealing with something that you were thinking of me.

While I appreciate that you have an opinion of me that is not favorable I would like to recommend an editor to you. I need one because I miss things here and there, but when trying to drag people down it won’t work if they are distracted by bad punctuation and a piss poor understanding of the English language. (learn conjunctions)

Your comment is mild by comparison from the other things I have heard. I once got a one star review on a book because “it is not fair that your book is doing better than mine.” I have even been told to take a long walk off a short cliff when I had to put my foot down. My issue however is not with your comment, but that you left it on a post that had nothing to do with books… or myself. That page was everything about my son, and that crosses a line for which you cannot return.

So, I am going to tell you what happens now. I will not post your message. I will save it. I know that your IP address gives me an address in Queen Creek, Arizona. Kind of funny since we have family near Mesa, but aside from that I am going to make a suggestion that you stay on your side of the Mississippi and you go back to your life with your seven dwarfs.

You see princess you could have told me how you felt anywhere. You could have emailed me and told me yourself. You could have even kept your trap shut, but you didn’t. You chose to push your negativity onto a post about a child. I am normally a nice person and turn the other cheek on everything and I am a little bit here, but thought you should know that when you do dumb, negative stuff like this… we can just look up your IP to find you.

Think before you type.




P.s. Just thought you should know… There was another author named Elizabeth York. She is from the same area you sent this from. Just thought you should know in case you have mistaken me for her. You should probably research before posting. Have a wonderful day.

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