The Good and Bad of Being an Indie Author

The Good and Bad of Being an Indie Author


There will always be the good and bad being an Indie Author

My journey so far has not been the easiest one. I believe I was swindled by Dreamspring Design, she charged me $400 for a cover I cannot use and insisted business was over before the job was completed and I as her customer was finished. Then she went and slaughtered my name all across her Facebook. This is not good business and I truly hope no one else has to endure what I have gone through.

I want to make the grand gesture here, and apologize to anyone who has been talked down to or insulted by Marion at Dreamspring Design. I appreciate the effort it took for you all to stand up for me, but people like her revel in the attention. Bad publicity is still publicity. The more you continue, the more hard headed she gets. At this point, if it goes any further my lawyer has already agreed to step in free of charge & my law professor has offered to have words with her. I am assured that because me as her client had not concluded the cover as finished that it is rendered incomplete and I can get a refund.

This is just one instance of the bad, but there has been so much good. There will always be good and bad in the Indie author world. While I have only pre-sold 3 books I have made friends who have been supportive every step if the way. The arcs have gone out and while I am pins and needles praying that they like the book, my new Indie friends are telling me they are right there with me. I feel like I am on the high dive staring into an empty pool. Scary huh. But now I have people below to catch me if I fall. I am indebted to these beautiful people.

I won’t lie and say I am not nervous for my first signing in Dayton. It is exactly 1 month, and that freaks me out, but it is part of the journey of becoming and author. I got my banner made, and my books came in. Now I just need to swallow my anxiety and move forward!

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