Writing brings pain and suffering when trusting the wrong editor


Writing can be a source of pain and suffering when crappy editors get involved

I got that news flash today the one that says now that multiple editors have taken all my money, and the months that have gone into researching and writing my book are useless. I swear people who say that writing is easy should have a sledgehammer dropped on their baby toe and then get told to run on it.

I started off with a dream and an idea then I found this editor who I loved, and still love, but her prices had me selling blood to get through the next chapter. It would have cost me near a semester in college to have her complete the book. So we halted all business and I rewrote the book. This story, it is my baby and I want it to grow and be successful.  Then I turn to FB because I am broke and hitting rock bottom. I refuse to allow the first book I ever write to be judged because I threw away my savings on an editor who didn’t complete the book. (close to $800 was paid out and that only got us to chapter 8)

Then we went through a few more editors who charged under or close to $100. To date my book has been edited seven times. Then after all that I get an email from someone I asked to look over tense errors and she edited it then said I needed a proofreader. I am now broke because of all the editing… So I turned to my self-published Authors who are amazingly awesome. They have taken in my book as a beta readers and are shooting me back notes of little things to fix in the story line, but that is not where the agony is. The agony is where they can find editing mistakes… I get one editor missing things but holy cheese balls 7 different editors missed things that were common English errors.

Seriously, my book has had more hands on it than a hooker on the corner!

So…. I have the new book done, and don’t want the same issues. One of the authors recommended a new editor, but we will see. I can’t cough up anymore kidneys to pay to edit so if my book has errors I hope people over look them and not give me the one star review that is the equivalent to the ring of death on an xbox.

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