Self-publishing and more

There is so much to learn about self-publishing

When I started writing a book, it was a children’s book done in 2007, I was shocked when a company asked to purchase it and did not know enough about the world of writer’s to know I lost money, rights, and more. While I can no longer claim, the unnamed book, to be mine. I commonly check to see if it is still available.

(you know back in the day we had to mail in manuscripts and type them on typewriters…. Not saying I still do, but imagine how much longer it would have taken you.)

I decided I wanted to write in a different field. I have done one sci-fi/mystery/thriller/romance (It has it all). I have done 2 other thrillers, 2 mysteries, and six romance novels. I do not know if I am a good writer. My editor says my work is good and she liked how the first story started but will it be enough to get people to read my books.

When it comes to self-publishing you have so many options. Amazon and Goodreads are two that come up when I first think about it. You can also google it and find information such as this 25 Self-Publishing Things to Know.

There are so many options out there when it comes to publishing that you can screw yourself or help yourself easily. I am in the process of researching so that I know where to get my book out there. I am also listing my first book for free to see if people like it, so I have to factor that in as well.

When it comes to cover designs I was quoted $200 for a cover photo that will work for an ebook and printing/distribution. This seems to be a going rate.

When looking for an editor that actually knew what they were doing I found one that said my writing was decent enough it only needed some grammatical fixes. This will run me $4 a page. When I realized it would cost me $1,236 to get my first book edited I went back and began cutting parts. I love longer more detailed stories, but when taking a risk with your future you make sure you have something to fall back on, in case of failure. Now my book will run me about $900(+), but I couldn’t cut anymore without rewriting the entire book.

Beta readers are important from what I have gathered from other authors. Most get the book in exchange for a review, but I have come across some that have big name blogs and charge $10 to read the book, give feedback, leave a review and post it to their blog/Facebook/Twitter (wish I could get paid to read and talk). I have no interest in adding to my already compiling list of fees.

The ISBN number is a must have they run from $100-$400 and if you want control of your book then you need to purchase this. For mine it will run $400.

For the total that we have discussed is all I am looking at right now. More fees are incurred but for now it brings the total to $1500(+) for a book that will be listed for free. Then I have 10 more to follow it. Creating ideas, writing the stories is the easy part. For the amount of money, it will cost to get mine out there is enough that I could buy a new car and still there is the chance I can fail. This profession is for the meek and humble because to do it right it take patience, time and money.

Once I hit my halfway mark with my editor I will be posting my first chapter on here and see what anyone thinks. I hope everyone loves the stories as much as I do. I sit at my computer and spend hundreds of hours to make sure the story is something I would want to read. I research details and history. I study art as to know how to define things better. I put so much into this that I shed a tear when I think about what happens if…

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